Hard copy to printer from Z88 Basic

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Don Stewart
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Hard copy to printer from Z88 Basic

Post by Don Stewart » Thu Oct 26, 2017 7:25 pm

This is probably a very simple query for anyone with a good working knowledge of a Z88 but I have just got my old machine working again after almost 20 years and I can't seem to find the commands needed to actually send output to a printer from within Z88 Basic.
It says in all the manuals that the Print command can send output to a printer as well as the screen but does not detail how to do it.
Since this is meant to be a full implementation of BBC Basic I have tried the VDU2 and *FX3,2 commands which do this job on an actual BBC Micro but they don't seem to work, although the VDU commands don't give a syntax error which the *FX3 commands do.
I have also tried using the CLI activate printer command (#+P) but this does not work.
I also found that *OUTPUT15 is supposed to work in certain versions of BBC basic but this doesn't work either.
The only way I can actually print at the moment is to activate the printer at the point in the program where it should send to it with {}+P and deactivate again after it with {}-P.
Anyone know what the real Z88 Basic commands are to activate and deactivate the printer feed?

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Re: Hard copy to printer from Z88 Basic

Post by RWAP » Thu Nov 02, 2017 11:10 am

Have a look at the short manual produced for the printer cable:

https://cambridgez88.jira.com/wiki/spac ... ctions.pdf

Basically, you need to:

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PRINT#ch,"This is some text"+CHR$(10)
PRINT#ch,CHR$(5)+"[" is essential to instruct the Z88 to start the printer driver.
PRINT#ch,CHR$(5)+"]" turns off the printer driver when you are finished
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