New version of Cambridge Z88 emulator (V1.2) released

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New version of Cambridge Z88 emulator (V1.2) released

Post by gbs » Wed Feb 15, 2017 11:44 am

After two years of tuning and bug fixing, the Z88 Development Team has finally released OZvm V1.2. Since V1.1.5, many improvements have been done. Most importantly, hardware emulation of the Blink is now 100% accurate and support for realtime speed (3.2768Mhz). Latest OZ V4.7 ROM release is also bundled and is used by default when the emulator is booting.

OZvm is now available as a native standalone application on all major desktop platforms, executables provided in both 32bit and 64bit where applicable, thanks to generous licenses received by

OZvm can be enjoyed on all major desktop platforms, both as simple Java Jar application using an already available Java Runtime (Oracle, OpenJDK), or as a native-compiled, stand-alone application providing huge speed improvements, better responsiveness and less system overhead.

Release notes and downloads here: ... ease+notes

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Re: New version of Cambridge Z88 emulator (V1.2) released

Post by RWAP » Fri Feb 17, 2017 10:04 pm

Excellent - I have always enjoyed using the OZvm emulator, although ZEsarUX is now matching it in many ways :)
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